A Pictorial History of Post 109

American Legion Dewey Lowman Post 109 was founded in 1933. This page and those listed below contain  a  pictorial history of recent Post 109 events.  It is the intent of this Post Historian to also include past history as I can find and document it.  Each event has a number of pictures.  Some only a few and others many.

If you have comments about, or would like to add comments or additional pictures to these events please send an email to the post historian at:  Cyclops@AmericanLegionPost109.org

As of March, 2018 all new photo albums are being uploaded to Facebook. The old system of editing, resizing and posting photos to this website was very time consuming. Facebook allows us to simply choose the photos and upload them so we can post them within a day or two and the pictures are a higher quality.

Click Here for the Facebook Albums.


The original albums start here.

Originally all events were listed on one page.  You can reach that collection  here: All Events

Events By Year
Pre 2012 Events
2012 /2013

The Tom Day Collection
A collection of memorabilia related to Arbutus/Halethorpe native Tom Day that was donated to the Arbutus Library .